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Colleague Awareness RESOURCE & Education Program (CARE)

CARE Program Philosophy The psychology profession has recognized the need to encourage the use of rehabilitative mechanisms for those of its members who may experience behavioral, cognitive, emotional, and/or substance-related distress. The CARE program is designed to provide education and access to referrals, and increase awareness of issues of diversity, compassion fatigue, secondary traumatization, prevention, and early intervention. For more information, please contact our CARE Representative. The Mission of CARE is to:
  1. Increase awareness of how self-care and attention to wellness can mitigate the stressors inherent in the psychology professional,
  2. Provide preventive resources that will support psychologists and students in maintaining and enhancing general health and mental well-being throughout the developmental spectrum of their personal and professional lives,
  3. Normalize help seeking and health seeking behaviors and interventions for the California psychological community,
  4. Provide education and support programming and resources that are relevant to the needs of the diverse California psychological community,
  5. Educate the California psychological community about wellness, self-care, stress management, compassion fatigue, depression, substance abuse, and signs of physical and emotional distress.
  6. Develop mechanisms for dialogue and discussion on wellness issues with awareness to issues of diversity within the psychological community,
  7. Endeavor to reduce the occurrence, frequency, and severity of distress and/or impairment of California psychologists and students through prevention, education, early identification, and access to appropriate referrals.

CARE Brochure 2
Alameda County Psychological Association
4200 Park Blvd., #200
Oakland, CA 94602
(510) 433-9580