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Notice From ACPA Executive Council

Published on 11/14/2016

Greetings Colleagues,


            The Alameda County Psychological Association (ACPA) is a professional organization that is based in one of the most diverse areas of the country. We are also peopled by a membership who are bound by professional ethics which include the principles of Integrity and Justice. Regardless of our membership’s individual political beliefs and leanings, as a professional association, we must move in the direction of our shared ethics. That said, it should be clear to anyone who is currently seeing clients, or working with students, that the results and impact of these election results have had a profoundly negative impact on the most vulnerable among us including people of color, immigrant communities, women, those with disabilities, people of Muslim faith, and our LGBTQIA brothers and sisters.

            With that in mind, the ACPA board would like to reiterate our commitment to using our skills as clinicians and scholars in order to promote social justice in all spaces and for the diverse communities we serve. Let it be clear, we acknowledge the hurt and fear that has resulted from the current political atmosphere, and that we will do everything we can to support our membership in their efforts to engage and address these challenges.

            To our colleagues, you are not alone. You are not invisible, and you are not without voice. Whatever your personal beliefs, if you are committed to serving all diverse communities in Alameda County, the state of California, and our country at-large, then we are with you and we ask that you utilize us. Let us know what is needed, and how we might best respond to your needs. Share with us your struggles and how we might best facilitate and reaffirm our community and solidarity. Remember, we are strong together, and that as healers, we make our communities stronger as well. Finally, please remember to take care of yourselves and your families as you work to facilitate understanding and growth. 




ACPA Executive Council on behalf of  the ACPA Board

Alameda County Psychological Association
4200 Park Blvd., #200
Oakland, CA 94602
(510) 433-9580