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Janet Hazen-Wycoff 

New Creations Psychotherapy  Owner/Psychologist
Oakland, CA
510 410-5314

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Oakland, CA
510 410-5314
New Creations Psychotherapy
2811 Atwell Avenue
Oakland, CA 94601

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Clinical Psychologist
Currently I work with adults and geriatric clients receiving both short term rehabilitation, and long-term care in Skilled Nursing Centers. In this capacity I travel to various facilities where I conduct individual weekly therapy and collaborate with Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists; Registered Nurses, CNA's and Physicians. In my home office I also utlilize teletherapy to see adults with various ongoing and acute medical conditions and chronic pain, as well as individuals dealing with Mood disorders, life transitions,substance abuse and dependence, post incarceration, relationship challenges, grief, loss, bereavement, trauma and PTSD. I enjoy learning about the client's spiritual beliefs and practices to enhance their growth, insight and forward movement in therapy. Prior to becoming a clinical psychologist I worked as a Learning Specialist helping children, teens and adults understand and better manage their learning differences, ADHD and organizational abilities.

In every session I strive to create a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere where compassion, empathy and acceptance allow clients to discuss feelings, memories, thoughts and ideas working toward their treatment goals at a pace designed to meet their individual needs. I encourage humor, art therapy, reading, mindfulness, physical exercize (if possible) "homework assignments" and journaling when appropriate and efficacious.

Special interests and expertise include knowledge of experience working, living and worshipping in Black and Hispanic cultures; spirituality, medical conditions and treatments, sex trafficking, intimate partner violence and post-incarceration therapy.

New Creations Psychotherapy offers mobile therapy services and ADHD coaching in your home or office in Oakland and neighboring towns, as well as video sessions.
I have lived and worked primarily in the Black community for over 4 decades, and am also culturally fluent in Hispanic--specifically Mexican--culture. My husband and I and our 3 dogs live in East Oakland where we participate in community service by supporting, engaging and providing resources for at-risk youth and unhoused people by serving homemade food and doggie treats for those with pets. My passion is dog rescue, dog care and training. We have 3 rescue Mutts.

My spiritual practice is best described as Progressive Christian, but I am also familiar with the core principles and practices of other religious and spiritual beliefs. I am passionate about all animals and especially dog rescue and welfare.
Wright Institute, Berkeley CA
Psy.D., M.Ed., M.A.


Alameda County Psychological Association
4200 Park Blvd., #200
Oakland, CA 94602
(510) 433-9580